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Bringing people together one sugar rush at a time… 

Hello Sugar, is:

A product of Spokane, born and raised. We have called The Lilac City home most of our lives. We fondly say Spokane seems to be finding itself currently and it is fun to watch! The artisanal and cultured vision that is making it’s way to the forefront of our city is both colorful and beautiful. We are a small piece of that puzzle, a simple pin drop on Spokane’s journey of growth. With a desire to participate in building community and bringing a fresh take on that aspect, Hello Sugar, came to life. Hello Sugar, aims to bring people together through a shared, unique experience, donuts made to order and served hot and fresh.


Hello Sugar, provides a fun-food adventure with community in mind.

  • Choose from our menu your pick of sugary, sparkly donuts
  • Watch them made right in front of you
  • Share them hot and steamy with a friend, or don’t, we won’t judge
  • Become a part of the Sugar Club #hellosugarspokane
  • Help us foster growth and community through the shared love of donuts (+coffee) and Spokane
  • Feel compelled to tell all of your friends and bring them in because after all, eating donuts is a team sport.


Community Over Competition

We encourage relationships, engagement, and interactions between people and businesses in Spokane. We want customers and business alike to feel like they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Emphasizing community and not competition benefits absolutely everyone around us.  #pacnwcommunity

People Over Profit

Serving people is the heart of what we do here at Hello Sugar,. Upon entering our doors, we want you to lack nothing inside of our shop, as you are our very special guests. From our interactions with you to the taste and appearance of our donuts, we want to be a brightening spot in your day. Simply put: We are not just willing to go above and beyond to bless someone; we need to.



More so than anything else, we want Hello Sugar, to leave a legacy of outstanding generosity. We are generous with the small things – with our smiles, for example – and we aim to be generous in bigger ways by coming alongside the community in partnership to positively impact our city.

 A Place for People to Grow

Greatness is our desire for our employees.  For them to feel valued, appreciated and inspired to further their goals and dreams. We want to encourage and coach them in any capacity available to us. We believe firmly in supporting and nurturing our people, so they can continue to do great things.  We know our impact on people is our opportunity for sustainable legacy.


Our Favorite #’s:

#pacnwcommunity #hellosugarspokane #spokanesugarclub #shoplocal #donuts #donutgram #spokane #spokanedoesntsuck #spokanewashington #donutshop

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About The Owners

Ramsey and Amy say yes to a lot.

When the idea for a donut shop emerged in family conversation, they said yes to creating community through donuts. When a donut fryer came up for sale on Craigslist, they said yes to an impromptu Oregon road trip to get it. When construction began on a lot in Kendall Yards with a chance to collaborate with Indaba Coffee for a sweet partnership, they said yes.

When their three kids ask for donuts every Saturday morning, they say yes.

When you walk into Hello Sugar and ask for hot, made-to-order mini-donuts, they’ll say yes to you, too.